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Welcome to RSD 2017

Plzeň, Czech Republic, 4th–6th December, 2017

The International Conference on Reactive Sputter Deposition (RSD) was established by the DRAFT research group at the Ghent University in 2000. Since the beginning the conference has provided a platform among leading international scientists, engineers and students for a discussion of recent achievements in reactive sputter deposition. The Conference has developed over time to an annual tradition, steadily growing without losing its focus on reactive sputtering and its fundamental aspects. The 16th RSD conference is organized by the University of West Bohemia and will be held on 4th–6th December, 2017 at Angelo Hotel, Plzeň, Czech Republic.


left-menu-2   Plasma processes, plasma-surface interactions and thin film growth

left-menu-2   Films with controlled microstructure and functional properties

left-menu-2   Advanced protective coatings

left-menu-2   Applied research and industrial applications

New information

19th September, 2017 IMPORTANT

If you have not received an official acknowledgment indicating a successful submission of your abstract for the RSD 2017 conference, please send us an e-mail to rsd2017@ntis.zcu.cz.


9th November, 2017 Conference program
10th July, 2017 Preliminary program
1st July, 2017 Registration & Payment opened